Studio Zelda started with an inkling, an idea to craft beautiful, bold and uniquely shaped handmade jewellery.

After spending too long in office roles that didn't encourage creativity, I was presented with an opportunity to pursue the idea that always lingered, an idea to create a distinctive style of jewellery. I was able to leave work and follow an ambition that I spent many years just thinking about. 

I studied as a full-time student at the Design Centre Enmore - TAFE NSW learning skills and techniques from teachers that excel in the art of the design and manufacture of jewellery, and I achieved qualifications in both areas.

I then spent the next two years honing the distinctive shapes and styles I had envisioned until I was satisfied that the images were now brought to life and presented in a form that would capture the imagination of others.

The pieces are hand crafted from sterling silver and the shapes are bold. They are made to suit a wearer who wants to make a statement. They are motivated by memories of my childhood in Zimbabwe. ‘Loud’ pieces are often worn there to accentuate character.

They’re for the individual who is not afraid to be noticed.

I am now pleased to present the limited collections. I hope you enjoy the experience.